About Us

Why Choose The Accura Group?

The Accura Group size, structure, knowledge base and unique understanding of the entire supply chain enables us to remain agile and capable of reacting faster than anyone else.

Our team consists of engineers who know that attention to detail is paramount. In our business, nearly never cuts it. Everything we do has to be right, compliant, documented and certified.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Where others see problems, our team with extensive experience see solutions through the use of new materials and processes that others simply fail to see. This level of innovation is only possible with a highly skilled and experienced cross-functional team such as ours.

Our clients trust us to deliver because we keep our promises. Time and time again, Accura has delivered technically complex exotic components to clients where each day is critical. Where expediency really is critical, we don’t just say we’ll make a delivery, we guarantee we will or we’ll pay a penalty.


The Accura Group was acquired in 2007 by August Equity LLP as part of a management buy-out.

August Equity is a London based private equity house established in 2001, it focusses on small and medium size businesses headquartered in the UK. August Equity typically build their businesses through a combination of acquisition and organic growth strategies.

Mission Statement

To be the preferred supplier of critical, precision machined components to the world’s most advanced engineering industries