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AIMS and ACCURA Partner for Rapid Growth

aimsInternational metallurgy company, Advanced Interactive Materials Science Limited (AIMS), and global Oil & Gas supply chain expert Accura Supply Limited have partnered to achieve rapid market growth of Powder Metallurgy (PM) via the Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) method, which includes the AIMS branded product Sagittite®.

AIMS, an expert in the field of PM-HIP technology along with its partner, Accura, who primarily provide critical materials and components to the global engineering Oil and Gas sector, intend to target multiple market sectors, including Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Food, Petro chemical, Polymer and Pharmaceutical, who would gain from Sagittite®’s unique material properties and material processing benefits.

AIMS Technical Director, Geoff Archer said: “In a world that requires ever increasing quality products to meet new emerging industrial demands the partnership believe that PM-HIP technology, which includes the high grade alloy, Sagittite®, can offer significant overall quality improvements leading to enhanced performance and cost savings for customers.”

Having already established an exclusive supply agreement for HIP Venturi Flow Meters earlier this year, both parties see the new agreement as a logical progression towards what has become a true partnership that leverages the strengths of both companies.

“The collaborative arrangement between AIMS and Accura opens up great opportunities and we look forward to maximising the potential through Accura’s worldwide network” expressed AIMS CEO, Alistair Macleod.

Keen to replicate a recent surge in enquiries from Oil & Gas sector customers for HIP’ed consolidated near-net shaped components, Accura Supply intend to replicate these results with AIMS’ Sagittite® material, which is specifically designed to address corrosion, corrosion/erosion and wear at elevated temperature. These mechanisms are typically prevalent in food, petrochemical and pharmaceutical extruder systems.

David Williams, Accura Group CEO commented, “As a supplier of high precision materials and components to some of the most demanding industries in the world, Accura fully appreciate the benefits the AIMS’ HIP and Sagittite® materials can provide to our customers. With performance and cost being common drivers within all sectors we supply, the ROI offered by these products is impressive and as an example, our Sagittite® extruder systems can offer up to 10 times the life and a 5 times cost benefit over conventional alternatives – that’s huge!”

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