Accura Supply’s Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is a Game Changer
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Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Game changer for Improved Performance

Hot Isostatic Pressing

Hot Isostatic Pressing is a game changer for improved performance. Being a historic supplier of forged A182 F55 UNS32760 precision engineered venturi flow-meter bodies, Accura Supply knows only too well the real difficulty faced in Hot Isostatic Pressingachieving charpy impacts and austenite spacing required for this product type’s qualification. It is precisely for this reason that Accura Supply set about establishing a world class supply chain for the manufacture of near-net shape Hot Isostatic Pressings.

Ian Austin, Accura Supply’s MD commented, “We recently manufactured several 5” HIP venturi flow-meter bodies using UNS32760 powdered material; the bodies passed all NORSOK qualification testing to M630 with charpy impacts at -46 deg C in both longitudinal and transverse direction take at T/2 achieving an average of 115 Joules, thus ensuring optimum performance levels necessary for the harsh subsea environments they operate”.

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