Industrial Extruders

Across the globe, multiple industries (Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical etc.) use industrial extruders to produce a multitude of products. The typical mode of an extruder operation is constant and destructive due to the inherent effects of corrosion erosion.

Accura has partnered with Advanced Interactive Material Sciences (AIMS) who are world leaders in the field of Hot Isostatic Pressing and the inventors of a material called Sagittite® which was specifically designed to counter the destructive effects of corrosion erosion.

Screws_noshadow_sml-e1450362837452Accura and AIMS can offer extruder customers replacement Sagittite® barrels, screws and wear parts that offer up to a 10 times operational life vs. conventional steel alternatives (reduced downtime, increased efficiency, predictability and vastly improved Return on Investment).

sagittite leaflet

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