With a history going back to the early 1960s Accura Engineering’s Geometric brand has an excellent reputation for Press Tool Design and Manufacture including, single stage, multi-stage progression, transfer and fine blanking. We have specific expertise in both electrical lamination and multiple layered components. Whilst this capability is still very much in demand by customers who need a supplier who has skilled and experienced toolmakers, a fully equipped modern tool-room and on-site try-out facilities, we recognise the reality of a global market and the threat presented by low cost countries where materials and resource hours for basic press tools are to a greater extent merely commodities.

For the above reason, Accura Engineering constantly seeks to win business using its unique and differentiated capabilities – 50 years of Press Tool Design & Manufacturing experience, multi-sector exposure, full service tool room, central UK location, solid supply base, flexibility, reliability and most importantly of all, great and valued customer relationships.

press tool operation

CAD Simulation of Press Tool Operation and Material Formability

Although we would like to think our customers come back to us because we’re great people, the real reason they do is perhaps because we listen to their needs, we apply our significant Press Tool Design & Manufacturing experience and we innovate to achieve their product needs. As Engineers, we know that the journey from concept to product is one which requires a balanced approach that considers the sometimes conflicting factors of Design Objectives and Process / Material limitations. That is why before designing tooling that can be manufactured to repeatedly produce accurate components at required speeds in a cost effective way, we begin with a thorough tool design review with our customer. This design review with our customer relies on our knowledge of material grades and formability, tool steels, coatings, blank sizes, lubrication, scrap collection and component transfer systems to help determine the optimum Tool Design & Manufacturing solution.

press tool

Complex Multi-Stage Progression / Transfer Tool designed and manufactured by Geometric

Unlike many toolmakers who focus virtually exclusively on the Automotive sector, Accura Engineering proudly supplies multiple sectors including Chemical Engineering, Power Generation, Aerospace, White Goods, Yellow Goods, Aerospace and FMCG. This tremendous diversity is invaluable to our business as it enables cross-fertilisation of ideas, underpins our culture of innovation and ensures we remain at the cutting edge of Press Tool Design & Manufacturing.


press tool

A multi-layered Heat Shield, made on tooling designed and manufactured by Geometric

Did I mention we have a tremendously well-resourced Press Tool Repair and Maintenance service too? Our service is totally flexible and caters for planned maintenance activities of press tools through to urgent jobs where priority 24/7 operation is required.

Press Tool

In-house Press Tool Repair & Maintenance Service

Our Tool-room is staffed by experienced professionals and is fully equipped having 19 x CNC Milling Machines including 4 x 5-axis CNC Milling Machines, 5 x Wire Eroders, 6 x Spark Eroders, 9 x CNC Lathes, 10 Grinders and extremely well resourced bench capabilities. Our operation is totally flexible so where a customer’s tooling needs are time critical, we’ll work 24/7 to achieve the required outcome.

So, when you have complex tooling needs and time is critical, contact Accura Engineering and we’ll provide 24/7 support to take care of you.

For further information, visit our Press Tools section of our website, or contact Accura Engineering Limited, Stringes Close, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1NS.   Tel. 01902 606206Tel+44 (0) 1902 606206

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