Press Tool Manufacture Maintenance & Support - Accura

Press Tool Manufacture Maintenance & Support

“We very much rely on Accura for the design, manufacture and maintenance of our high precision lamination tools. We have a strong, long-standing partnership that works well.”

– Engineer, GE Power

Accura Engineering has an excellent reputation for press tool design and manufacture

including, single stage, multi-stage progression, transfer and fine blanking.

With a history spanning five decades,, backed by our multi-sector exposure, is what makes the difference. Our full service tool room, central UK location, solid supply base, flexibility, reliability and most importantly, a reputation for excellent customer service, sets us apart from our competition.

The journey from concept to product is one which requires a balanced approach that ensures we meet the design objectives whilst managing the process / material limitations. That is why before designing, we begin with a thorough tool design review. This vital stage relies on our knowledge of material grades and formability, tool steels, coatings, blank sizes, lubrication, scrap removal and component transfer systems to help determine the optimum tool design and manufacturing solution. From design, to project management and try out, we provide a total press tool service.


Key Benefits

World-class capability in the design of complex, single stage, progression and transfer tooling up to 20 tonne in weight.
Full support of press tool operation including trouble shooting, tool tuning and adjustment.
Proven reverse engineering capability
Highly flexible, well-resourced toolroom, ensuring delivery of urgent operations on a 24/7 basis
Proven tool design review process – delivering optimum material use and manufacturing process
Over 50 years of unrivalled experience in press tool maintenance and revision


Fast UK Prototypes

Turnkey Solutions

On-hand Experts

Fast UK Prototypes

Turnkey Solutions

On-hand Experts

Key Sectors for Press Tool Manufacture

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