With over 50 years experience in Design and Manufacture of Presstools, the Geometric name is synonomous with the very best in Tool design and quality. The tools we manufacture are designed to run high volumes between regrinds and with ease of maintenance a prime consideration. The supreme build quality and the choice of the very best materials ensure superior tool life.

tool design

Design Facilities

  • In house Design Staff
  • 3D Solid modelling
  • Iges or Step formats
  • CAM links to extensive CNC capability
  • Simulation and Blank development​
  • Reverse Engineering
tool design


  • Multi Progression tools
  • Large Electrical Lamination Tools
  • Notching Tools
  • Tools for Automation lines
  • Heat Shield Tools
  • Gasket tools
tool design

To your specification

  • Choice of tool steels: D2, Vanadis, ASP, CPMV, Carbide
  • Coatings
  • In die tapping
  • Flying Cams
  • Transfer Mechanisms

Process Optimisation

By working with the customer on component design we can minimise both Part production and Tooling costs. Our experience with the Design and Manufacture of:

• Progression Tools • Transfer Tools • Draw Tools • Single-Operation Tools • Fine Blanking Tools • Compound Tools​

Allows us to select the most cost effective solution for any given component.

tool design