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Machined Components UK for Precision Engineering

Here at Accura Engineering, a precision engineering company, we understand how important it is for different industries to have high-quality machinery in order to manufacture top standard products for your customers. Where some companies may overlook achieving a standard of excellence, in order to gain mass profit, we take pride in the manufacturing, treatment and verification processes. Our highly skilled engineers provide our customers with trustworthy components for their industrial machines.

Specialising in precision engineering is an attribute we are proud to have and maintain here at Accura. We use a range of specialist tools to manufacture even the smallest and most complex machined components to accommodate your requirements.

machined components uk

Machined Components UK at Accura

With a team of over one hundred workers creating specialised machined components UK, our precision engineering services have never been better. From CNC Milling, Deep Hole Boring to Spark and Wire EDM and Grinding, our services can be adapted to suit a vast range of work-sectors. We have a large selection of precision manufacturing machines varying from machines measuring at only a few millimetres long, to four metre long machines weighing ten tonnes. With our devoted and well trained engineers, we have the ability to supply machined components UK in a variety of materials including Composites, Plastic, Aluminium alloys, Tool steels, Nickel and Titanium.

We pride ourselves on the customer service you will experience from start to finish here at Accura Engineering. From the very start of your ordering process with us, our helpful team can answer any questions you may have when it comes to our services, and our dedicated design staff are on hand to help you decide the best strategy and specifications to meet your components requirements. At the very end of the manufacturing process, we also offer product finishing services for that special final touch on your finished component.

If you are interested in our precision engineering services, then please call 01902 606206 to speak to a member of our team. Alternatively, you can read our previous blog on Press Tool here

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